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Rates and Inventory

Happy Thursday – I waited an extra day for my video this week because I wanted to see how the FED meeting went yesterday. Rates have gone up .5% - 1% since last week but good news on the meeting yesterday. The FED raised the Fed Funds Rate by .75% which is what the market wanted so rates should be better today. Also, please watch my video to discuss a strategy for our current market. Rates are up but inventory is getting better every week, so we are going to shift back to a buyers' market. So as long as you can afford the payment with the higher rate then buy now and refinance later. The reason this is important is when rates drop again, and they will in the next 12 – 24 months then everyone is going to jump back in the market and create an inventory issue again. As always please call me if you want to discuss in detail.

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