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Understanding Agent Commissions

Happy Thursday – I hope you are doing well. With all the talk in the news about agent commissions, I wanted to let you know my thoughts. First, I want to make sure everyone understands what is going on. The media has made this sound different than it really is. I have provided an article below that I think does a good job explaining everything.

I think the biggest issue is the lack of understanding of the value proposition for agents. If you have ever worked with a great agent, you fully understand their value. If you have never used an agent or had a bad experience with an agent, then you might think you can get a better deal without one. If you are in the latter group, please do me a favor and talk to a great agent to understand their value proposition before deciding to not use an agent or not offer a buyer’s agent commission on your listing. Once you talk to the agent, then make up your mind if their commission is worth the value they provide.

PS – If you have worked with a great agent, please show them some love and post a story about how they helped you buy or sell a home. Also, please refer them to your friends and family that want to better understand the value proposition of a great agent. If you don’t know a great agent, please call me and I would love to introduce you to one.

Stewart Sadler

Managing Partner

Cornerstone Mortgage Group

Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee: 21412 • Company NMLS: 147913 • Individual NMLS: 147938

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