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100% Financing

Happy Thursday – I hope you are doing well. For this week’s video I want to share a new loan program we have just rolled out. We now have a great 100% financing on FHA loans. Please see the details below and let me know if you or anyone you know would like to discuss further.

FHA 100% Financing

• FHA first lien PLUS concurrent second lien for 100% CLTV

• Minimum 600 FICO

• Standard 30-year fixed rate FHA first lien

• No First-Time Home Buyer requirement

• No Income Limit

• Easy Underwrite! First lien and second lien have the same guidelines.

Stewart Sadler

Managing Partner

Cornerstone Mortgage Group

Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee: 21412 • Company NMLS: 147913 • Individual NMLS: 147938

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