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Wednesday Updated - September 22nd 2021

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Conforming Loan Limit Increased to $625K!!

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I have some exciting news to share with everyone. As of yesterday, we can do a conventional loan all the way up to $625k. (Previously, $548,250) This is not going to be the case with every lender. One of our biggest investor was able to roll this out to us early. Please watch my video for more details but this means a client can buy a $657k home with 5% down conventional financing. This is going to be huge for people that need to buy before they sell. They can put 5% down and then do a recast to remove PMI and re-amortize their payment once their home sells. Please watch my video and call to discuss the details.

Stewart Sadler

Managing Partner

Cornerstone Mortgage Group

Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee: 21412

Company NMLS: 147913

Individual NMLS: 147938

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