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2021 Taxes

This week's video is for self-employed borrowers. We have a lot of self-employed clients that need their 2021 income to qualify for their loan. Typically, you have to file your 2021 taxes and have the IRS process the returns before you can use that income and that can take 4 – 12 weeks. However, we now have a work around for this. You can take your tax returns into an IRS office and have them stamp the returns and give you a copy. If you owe the IRS money you also have to pay them and they have to process your payment, but this will be a much quicker process then having to wait on the IRS to process your returns. If you are anyone you know is in this situation, please have them call us to discuss. As always, thanks again for your continued support and referrals. IRS Link ( Weekly Newsletter

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