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Interest Rates

Happy Thursday – I hope you are doing well. For this week’s video I want to discuss interest rates. When I sent my video last week rates were on the rise, but thanks to the CPI data that came out last week, they have trended back down to mid 6’s for most people. The next big news that will move rates is going to be the Fed meeting next week. Everyone is expecting the FED to raise the Fed Funds rate by .25% but it looks like this could be the last raise which will be great for rates moving forward.

No one knows exactly what will happen with rates over the next 12 months, but here is what I think. I think rates will remain volatile through the end of year and keep bouncing around in the 6’s. But towards the end of year to first quarter next year we will see them start trending down and will end up in the 5’s again hopefully by 2nd quarter.

Now for the kicker. Some people will read this and think they should wait until the 2nd quarter to buy. I think that is a bad idea. As I have mentioned in previous videos, inventory is our biggest issue right now. We are seeing 3 – 5 offers on most homes which means you must pay over list and have short contingencies to win most offers. Once rates drop back in the 5’s, I think we will see 8 – 10 offers and you will have to pay 10 – 20% over list price with no contingencies to win an offer. So, if you can afford to buy now then get your home under contract and refinance when rates drop.

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