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Cash Out Refinances- Does it make sense for you?

Good morning – I hope you are having a great week and getting ready for the 20-degree weather on Saturday! I sent out a video a few weeks ago about cash out refinancing and wanted to follow up on that. Last week, we were able to save a family over $700 a month by consolidating their debt with a cash out refinance. So, if you currently have any high interest debt, have PMI, are in an FHA loan or are considering a home renovation now is the time to run the numbers on a cash out refinance. Your rate may go up on your mortgage but depending on your scenario this may still make sense. We can also look at reducing your loan term to 15 or 20 years while doing this to help make up for the additional interest. Please watch my video for more details and send us an email if you want to discuss.

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