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Wanted to Say Thank You, and Let's Talk About Rates

Happy Thursday – I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I am feeling exceptionally thankful this year. The real estate and mortgage market has had a rough year but because of your support and referrals, we still had a great year. I can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your clients, friends and family. I don’t think people realize how important referrals are to everyone that runs a referral-based business model. You will never see us advertise on radio, TV, or anywhere else as our business is 100% because of people like you. We not only appreciate your referrals but need them to grow our business. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us.

Also, we have good news on rates! They are continuing to drop and are in the mid 6’s to low 7’s for most people. This is great news if you are looking to buy right now. We are seeing less competition on offers than we have seen in a while, so you can get a good price on the home along with a much better rate. If someone has their property listed during the holidays, it usually means they really need to sell. In a typical market we do most of our business from March – August so if you can buy now, you will save money due to less competition.

Stewart Sadler

Managing Partner

Cornerstone Mortgage Group

Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee: 21412 • Company NMLS: 147913 • Individual NMLS: 147938

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