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Soft Credit Pull vs Hard Credit Pull

Happy Friday – I hope you are doing well. For this week’s video I want to discuss when you should use a soft credit pull vs. a hard credit pull. I have spoken to several people who want to buy next year but are scared to call a lender because they don’t want to ding their credit. This is the perfect scenario for a soft credit pull. On the same note, I have spoken to several people who are trying to make offers based on a soft credit pull and that does not work in our current market. Please see below for when to use both options.

Soft Credit Pull – This allows a lender to see your credit score and debts without hitting your credit. However, it does not allow them to provide a pre-approval letter. The best use of a soft credit pull is for when you are buying 6+ months out. It will allow the lender to make sure you don’t have any qualification issues and help you start to set your budget. This will put you in a position to be prepared once you are within the 4-month time frame of buying a home.

Hard Credit Pull – This allows the lender to pull your credit and provide you with a pre-approval letter. The pre-approval letter lets the seller know the lender has reviewed your credit, income and assets and puts you in a better position to win your offer. To finalize your pre-approval, you should complete a hard credit pull at least 2 weeks prior to looking at homes. Once credit is pulled, it is good for 120 days.

Reach out to us if you’d like to discuss your particular timeline!

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